Here's a little bit about me before we get into the daily diary routine. I was born in 1985. I'm 17 years old at the time of this writing (April 2002). I have had my current owner for about 3 years. Just one owner prior to this one. I share a two car garage with a Ford Explorer. I'm pretty much always looking to the left as when I get put away they crank my forks to the left and put a padlock through the tab welded to my neck. In my garage along with the Explorer there is an old refrigerator full of beer, some shelving, an old roll-away tool box, four barbecues (three Webers and one of them fancy gas powered ones) and a stereo which I only get to listen to when my owner is out here. Nuff for now, maybe I'll add some more background later.

April 24th 2002

You might as well know right now that I am not going to make an entry in my diary everyday. My owner doesn't take me out often enough and I don't want to bore you with "I just sat here today" everyday. I already have an inkling today is going to be one of those days. He came out once, looked at me, smiled and went right back in.....not a good sign.

April 25th 2002

People have been asking, "What is a FXSB anyhow?". Well, in a nutshell I'm a "Lowrider", however here's the breakdown letter by letter: The "F" stands for "F Series" which are the big twins, as opposed to the "X Series" which are the Sportsters (our little brothers). The second letter in my name "X" designates the fact that I utilize my little brothers narrow glide front end. The third letter in my name "S" in this case simple stands for "Lowrider" (why they didn't use the letter "L" I have no idea). The final letter in my name "B" stands for belt final drive. So there you have it.
  • F = Big Twin
  • X = Sportster Front End
  • S = Lowrider
  • B = Belt Drive
By the way, the fact that I have an "Evo" motor backed by a 4 speed tranny, with a kick start and a belt drive makes me quite an unusual character!

April 27th 2002

I got to listen to some good tunes last night. My owner came out when he got home from work. Opened the big door, rolled the barbecue out, grabbed a beer and flipped on the stereo. We listened to some Buffalo Springfield, Eric Clapton, Allman Brothers, Nancy Wilson, Chet Atkins/Mark Knoffler, and a Jeff Beck/Rod Stewart ensemble while he burned the steaks. Somewhere along the line he pulled my dash off and replaced my neutral indicator bulb. He left my dash off though...not sure what's up with that.....

May 12th 2002

Whelp, I got my dash put back on today. Also a new bolt in my front/right gas tank mount. Apparently the old one vibrated all the way out on our last outing. After installing my new bolt and putting my dash back on he rolled me into the corner (head first). Sat there all day. Couldn't see shit. It sounded like my owner had plenty of fun though. From what I could hear there must have been near 20 people here in my garage, eatin', drinkin' and carrying on. I kept hearing people saying to other people, "Happy Mothers Day"!

May 16th 2002

Got to go for a short spin around town today. I guess my owner just wanted to heat up my blood. Then he drained it and gave me all new clean stuff. New filter too. This usually means we will be going somewhere soon. I'm starting to get excited!

May 19th 2002

I was right! We got to go for a putt yesterday. My owner's friend Smitty came by on his 2002 Dyna Wide Glide®. Oooohweeee! Is she ever pretty! We putted from here over to the Denny's Restaurant in Irwindale where we met-up with a bunch more scooters and their owners. Then from there we cruised down to San Juan Capistrano to the Swallow's Inn for the 8th Annual Swallow's Inn Chili Cook-off. I got to sit next to a really cool Shovelhead while I waited in the parking lot. Judging by the ride home I'm pretty sure my owner ate the chili that had lots of beans......

May 28th 2002

Yippee! We got to go again! Two weekends in a row! My owner worked on Sunday but he came home early (about noon) and jumped on me. We went to get gas and by the time we got back Smitty and Joe were waitin' for us. We took a cruise up to Devore to the "Screamin' Chicken Saloon". Took the scenic route back, past where they were having the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. All in all a great day.

Monday was Memorial Day. I got rolled into the corner again. They had a wiener roast and I was pretty much ignored. Oh well, my owner and his friends & family obviously had fun.......

June 8th 2002

Guess what! I got new exhaust pipes today! They are alot like my old ones only these turn out at the ends and they're not all scratched up (at least not yet).....

June 15th 2002

Got a new primary cover today. My old one was gouged pretty good from when my owner hit one of those little reflectors glued to the street with my kickstand while while going around a corner (maybe a little too fast)!

June 22nd 2002

We got to go on a short ride this afternoon. Me, Smitty's Wide Glide and Joe's Shovel took a trip out to the Route 66 Roadhouse in Duarte. It was a short trip, but better than nothin'.

June 30th 2002

Got to see lots of Harleys today. My owner's store was an ABATE poker run stop. There were somewhere in the neighborhood of 175 bikes stopped by. And when that was over we got to do a little bar hoppin'. What a great day!!!

July 9th 2002

Unbelievable! I got to go to Hollister this past weekend. What a nice trip that was.

We went up Interstate 5 on Friday which aside from the lack of scenery is a pretty nice road...smooth..... Then we cut across 152 to Gilroy (Garlic capital of the world) cruised around, made a couple of stops (food, gas, etc.) and spent the night at a motel there.

Saturday morning we rode into Hollister. Lots and lots of bikes! They say there were 80,000 people there. I believe it. I sat there with the other bikes and bike watched while my owner and his ol' lady went walking. Man were there some nice bikes. About 6 or 7 hours later my owner showed back up and we rode back through town and then headed back to Gilroy so my owner could eat some dinner and get another nights rest.

Sunday we started out a little late. I hauled my owner back to the restaurant (The Crazy Coyote) so he and his ol' lady could eat breakfast. Then we headed for the coast. We got to Highway 1 and went South. When we got down by Carmel my owner turned off the highway to go on the scenic loop they have there. It costs 8 bucks but he told his ol' lady it would be well worth it. Boy was he surprised when they told him motorcycles were not allowed. He told them they were #1 (with a hand gesture) and headed back out to Highway 1. We stopped in Big Sur so my owner could have a couple of beers and then rode down to San Luis Obispo. We stayed at a motel there on Sunday night. Some of my owner's friends came by in a car and they all went out to dinner. Later I heard my owner tell his ol' lady how nice it was to see them.

Monday we cruised around San Luis Obispo for awhile. My owner wanted to look up some other old friends, which he did. Then we headed South again. We stopped at the Madonna Resort for a beer and then made tracks for Solvang. We were in Solvang long enough for a couple more beers and then went cruisin' South past Lake Cachuma. Just a little past the lake we turned off on a little dinky road that took us down into a ravine where there was a neat little bar/restaurant called the "Cold Spring Tavern". This place was a stage stop in the 1800's. My owner had another beer there while I sat under the trees and thoroughly enjoyed myself. From there we headed home.

July 14th 2002

Yes indeedy do :) Got to go bar hoppin' for awhile again today. "Hot town, summer in the city".....

July 20th 2002

Went to the White Brothers Bike Show in Long Beach at the Queen Mary today. Nice ride! We weren't there long though. We rode down there with the Midnite Riders M/C and security wouldn't let them in because they were wearing patches. The Long Beach Police were major assholes (to say the least). Oh well, just meant we would get to spend more time riding. Didn't hurt my feelings at all!

July 28th 2002

Put on another 250 miles today :) Went to breakfast (me and Smitty's bike). Then went to Temecula to pick up two more bikes. Then went to "The Hideout". The guys had a couple of beers there, then headed for a little town in the mountains called Julian. A couple beers there and then back on the road. We went back to Temecula where we stopped at Texas Lil's (late lunch) and then came home. Another great day!

October 7th 2002

Sorry I have not updated my diary lately. It's really not my fault. You see, while my diary entries are my thoughts, I depend upon my owner to actually key them in. So it's his lazy ass that is to blame for the lack of entries. We haven't done much crusin' lately anyway. Last weekend we went on a breakfast ride to the Joseph Filippi Winery with another couple, Bill and Janet, who just bought a Wideglide just like Smitty's except their's is the 100th Anniversary Edition. That's about it for now. I'll try to get my owner to post stuff a little more often.....

July 2nd 2006

Well, it's been a long time since my owner has bothered to add an entry to my diary and guess what..... My owner isn't my owner anymore. He sold me, the lousy piece of shit. Got rid of me and bought himself a 2006 Roadking. It's okay though 'cause my new owners are pretty cool. They ride me more than my old owner did. Once in awhile they even take me over to Hawg Heaven to see my old owner.

Well, I suppose this is going to be the final entry to my diary since I have always relied upon my old owner to type in my thoughts and we are not together anymore.....*sniff*.......