The first picture (L-R) was sent to us from Harley Honey. She likes to get email. You can reach her at The second two pictures were sent to us from Jay. The following is Jay's explanation:
I've attached a couple of photos from the Buffalo Chip camp ground in Sturgis from last year. Hope you can use them. The blond was posing on her own bike and told me to bring mine over, how could I argue with that. The other one, with the two blonds, was from the stage area at the camp ground.

The second row pictures are new ones sent in again by Jay. These are pictures from "RUN 21" that is put on by the SE Portland, Oregon ABATE Chapter.

The last picture is of "Cleopatra", taken at the Broken Spoke in Daytona, sent in by our friend Bob, owner of Click on the picture of Cleopatra to see a complete photo set.

You can click on the thumbnails below for a bigger picture.

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