The Rock Store
This is the front of the Rock Store. There is an elevated patio off to the right that didn't get in the picture. I wish we had gotten a picture of it because on a nice day it's the prfect place to sit and sip a beer or have a bite to eat. You can click on most of these pictures for bigger ones, (all of them except for the picture of Simon Milward and the very last picture).

A pretty nice Volkswagen trike showed-up.
This guy takes his doggie with him everywhere he goes.

A friendly biker!
Jay Leno and Diane (me wife).

This guy (Simon Milward) has been trekking around the world on this motorcycle for over year. He's been through Europe, the Middle East, Asia, all around Australia, Alaska, Canada, all the way around the U.S. and was going to be heading South to Central and then South America. After that, a boat to the Southern tip of Africa and then North to home in Europe.

Ever seen 3 V-Rods in the same place at the same time?

A view from down the street.