Hawg Heaven Screensavers

We have just created our second screensaver. The screensavers are for use on computers running windows only. Sorry MAC people. The screensavers are free for the taking as will be any future screensavers we produce. To download either one of the screensavers simply click on one of the links at the bottom of this page and then click "save". Once downloaded to your hard drive all you do is double click on the file name "HawgHeaven.exe" or "HawgHeaven2.exe" and the screensaver will install itself. You can turn off the music by clicking on the settings button in the display properties window (right click on your desktop, click on properties, click the screensaver tab, select the Hawg Heaven Screensaver and click on settings).
The first screensaver (HawgHeaven.exe) is for the most part a compilation of pictures sent to us for use in one of our photo contests or for our gallery or both. It contains a pretty good variety of pictures; bikes with and without their owners, show bikes and ride 'em everyday bikes, a cute kid, professional photography and amateur photography, some babes and even a Bald Eagle. A few of the pictures were found here and there around the net. If anyone feels they would rather not have their picture distributed in this manner please let us know and we will pull it out of the program for future downloads.
The second one (HawgHeaven2.exe) is comprised of guys on bikes and just bikes. This was done due to the many requests we got from the women out there that said they would like a screensaver without the babes.
Thanks, and we hope you all enjoy one of these first productions!

Hawg Heaven Screensaver #1 Hawg Heaven Screensaver #2

Well, now we're starting to get carried away....
We have strayed a little bit from the biker theme and put together a screensaver of pretty women's faces. I guess we're just having too much fun with these! If you like this one and we'll pop out a second one as we already have enough pictures to do so.

Faces Screensaver #1