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******* BIKES & BABES SCREEN SAVER *******

Whether you are a true road warrior or just dream of flying across the highways on a souped up chopper, the Bikes & Babes Screen Saver puts you on the trip of a lifetime! These 24-bit color, full screen pictures will move your computer down the road at top speed.

The Bikes and Babes Screen Saver delivers the essence of the American road along with gorgeous dreamgirls. Original rock n' roll music clips ride shotgun in this ultimate multimedia fantasy! (PC/WIN only)     About The Photographer


  • Effects like Sizzle, Wipe Out, Fade, Thinner, Fallout and Fizzle
  • All effects are fullly controlable
  • CD-ROM friendly, run directly from your CD drive or from your hard drive
  • You can attach your own music files to the pictures
  • Add text to any picture
  • 50 different pictures in two formats and three sizes, (300 pictures total!)
  • Password safe

Price: $29.95

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