Tyler on Dad's 1979 Sportster XLS

This my son Tyler he is atop of my 1979 sportster XLS. When I bought this bike I should of had my head examined the motor was basically covered in oil, it had a black gas tank that was touched up so many time that it loked as if it had some kind of disease, and the front fender was chrome as if someone wanted it to be a Jap bike. However it did run and started right up for me but I could barely reach the ground because it was still at stock height. I bought it, took it home and began the teardown, after paying only $2900 for it. How's it look now? I've had everything chromed front to back and did the paint myself in house of colors candy cherry red with a gold metallic base coat and 6 coats of clear over the red.

J.H. of Henderson, NV